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Superior Information Security requires a combination of smart decisions and intelligent security strategy. It is also important to know when and how to deal with the complexity of information security. Systems Integration Group provides you with an array of services for different industries. Listed below is a synopsis of our service offerings available to the private and public sector:  

Info. Security Strategy & Risk Management:
Security Governance Definition
Security Strategy & Policy Definition
Business Risk Analysis & Assessment

Infrastructure & Platform Security:
Network Infrastructure security assessment
Platform & Endpoint Security Implementation
Secure Messaging (Email) Implementation

Identity & Access Management:
Strategy & Planning
Technology Solution & Implementation
Privilege Solution & Implementation

Enterprise Application Security:
Application Code Review
Application Security Technology Selection

Data Protection & Privacy:
Data Loss Prevention
Data Governance Framework Design
InfoSec Awareness & Training Campaign

Business Resilience:
BCM Strategy & Risk Analysis
BCM Testing & Implementation
BCM Monitoring & Management

Systems Integration Group, LTD (SIG), an Information Security Services Company is well positioned to introduce an Information Security, Risk and Privacy culture to support public and private sectors in their business efforts. SIG relies on a team of experts who evaluate Corporations business strategies and develop business-driven information security strategies and programs that deliver value.

Our Vision:
To help bridge the digital divide by creating technology risk awareness through quality Information Security services, garnering support from traditional institutions to change mindsets and attitudes.

Our Mission:
To use technology to improve communities, promote people development and support Companies in alignment of business strategies with Information Security.

Our Objective:
SIG’s business objective is to provide first class Information Security services to the Financial and Energy sectors (Private sector), Governments (Public sector), and Small Businesses.

More About Who We Are:
We are business solution and management consulting firm. We work with small businesses and big companies to help them make the best decisions to become successful.

We believe that in every organization and every individual there is potential. Potential high performance. Potential success. It is our job and privilege to work with our clients as partners striving to release and focus that potential into applied energy. Whether it is a process, an individual, a team, or an entire organization there is an opportunity for greater good. We work for its release.

When work is seen by others as great - When workplaces are seen by the people in them as empowering challenging and satisfying, then we have done a good day's work. We have contributed to releasing the potential of our clients. We then enjoy knowing we provided a service of true value.

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