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Non-Emergency Medical Transport Appointment Form

Samanti Transportation provides non-emergency patient delivery services primarily within the counties of Harris, Forth Bend and Galveston and surroundings. We also transport patients from many outlying areas into the Houston Medical Center for appointments. We go the "extra mile" to keep you safe and comfortable whenever you travel with us.

Samanti Non Emergency Medical Transportation  is the safe, reliable, and affordable non-emergency transportation service that you can trust for all your medical transportation needs. We treat everyone like family and provide you with the personal care and quality you are looking for in a non-emergency medical transportation.

We take our mission seriously which is to provide you with the highest quality non-emergency transportation services. We set our standards high which in turn raises the bar for the quality of services you will receive. In a fast paced world, there is always a temptation to cut corners to get things done. This is not the case with Samanti Medical Transportation Services. Our standards are high and we live by them.

​We can accommodate all your non-emergency medical transportation needs. We travel to clinics, hospitals, medical institutions, assisted living homes, treatment centers-programs and similar destinations. We provide services for single patients as well as larger groups of patients. It doesn’t matter who you are as we have services that provide for everyone.

Prescription Drug Pickup:
If a patient receives a prescription from the doctor and their pharmacy of choice is on the route home, our driver will make that extra stop along the way to allow the patient to pickup their prescription. Just have your physician call the prescription in so that it is ready for pickup on our way home.

Our Drivers:

​Our drivers are experienced, well trained and an excellent background. It is our requirement that our drivers meet all state transportation requirements, procedures and proper trainings. Passenger Safety on the road is our number one priority.


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services